Anisah’s art is the physical embodiment of Pablo Picasso quote “Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” Taking inspiration from the relatively new field of colour therapy, each one of a kind piece have ability to harmonise emotions, mental, physical or spiritual imbalances. They are intuitively designed to be a holistic catalyst for healing - promoting passion, nurturing empathy, fostering tranquilly or inspiring creativity. 

Red: Passion, strength, excitement, impulsiveness, courage, stimulation, power, spontaneity, determination 

Orange: Energising, Creative, communicative, self assured, optimism, enthusiasm, confidence, independence, flamboyance, adventure.

Yellow: Optimism, Happiness, Emotional Strength, Friendliness, Uplifting, knowledge, enthusiasm, joy, innovative.

Green: Balance, harmony, growth, renewal, tranquility, self- control, soothing, referring, restful, health, new beginning, cleansing, sympathy,

Blue: Peace, Tranquility, Calmness, relaxation, trust, intelligence, sadness, communication, serenity, wisdom, energy, loyal, honesty.

Purple: Master, nostalgia, imagination, intuition, inspiration, meditative, creativity, magic.

Pink: Empathy, Nurturing, vulnerability, femininity, love, romance, compassion, playful, youthful.

White: Purity, innocence, reflection, simplicity, openness, clarity, equality.

Grey: Neutral, logical, enduring, modest, dignified, professional, intelligence.

Black: Empowering, sophisticated, powerful, elegant, protection, comfort, strong.

Gold: Rich, glowing, radiance, prestigious, success, abundance, understanding, self worth.

Silver: Illumination, reflection, feminine power, balancing, calming, soothing, divinity, glamour, wisdom. 

© 2019 Anisah Nasir